Shocking video of whales catching women

Two women were enjoying the sea in California 

when, like Pinocchio, they received a scare when a humpback whale appeared to almost swallow them whole. 

When the whale approached and the two kayakers opened their mouths in response, it was captured on camera and shared widely on social media. 

They depict the exact moment the Beast manages to seize them, 

but after a little interval which they undoubtedly felt to last forever it abandons them in the midst of the sea. 

Both were treated right away after witnesses to the incident alerted the rescue team.

National Geographic claims. It is physiologically impossible for all but one species to ingest humans, 

notwithstanding the relatively uncommon stories of people finding themselves in whale jaws. ,

 The humpback whale's throat is shaped to accommodate tiny fish.

Therefore, even though females may suffer injuries, the animal does not eat them.