Inflation 9.1% in USA How to translate?

75% probability of another 75bps September FederalRese hike 

as of 25th march 2020

Price increases in past year

gas: +61%plane tickets: +34%eggs: +33%suits: +25%public transit: +24%

butter: +21%chicken: +20%salad: +18%bread: +17%

Price increases in past year page 2

milk: +16%
coffee: +16%
hot dogs: +16%
soup: +16%

tires: +15%
furniture: +15%
electricity: +14%
deliveries: +14%
cereal: +14%

Inflation continues to hit hard:

The day is starting as expected.Inflation 9.1% in the USA.

main factor causing inflation is the increase in commodity costs. And  sanctions imposed on Russia are simply causing prices to rise further.

The US annual inflation rate increased from 8.6 percent in May to 9.1 percent in June 2022, exceeding market expectations of 8.8 percent and reaching its highest level since November 1981.Preventions